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Eduardo Vento 

Filmmaker | Director | Editor| Storyteller 


Originally from Brazil but born and raised in Portugal, he learned really quick how to adapt himself to different cultures throughout his childhood. With 12 years old he gets to know what is a video camera and from then onwards this turned into his main way of expression.


Moved by his passion for filmmaking Eduardo went to the U.K. at the age of 18 and got a Ba (Hons) Video & Film Productions at the University of Wolverhampton. After he went to live in London, where he worked for 3 years as a camera op. and video editor for a company called "Spectrecom Films".



Nowadays he is back in Portugal (Lisbon) working as a full-time freelancer and constantly looking after new projects in the area of sports, commercials, brand visual content and documentaries. 

His main area of focus since last year is the underwater filmmaking where his being chasing and constantly creating new content.

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